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Today, most of us are looking to lower our bank charges to save more. But concretely, how can one save on his bank charges? Are online banks really a source of savings? We will explain everything to you.


Save money with online banks

Save money with online banks

The first solution to get a clear idea about the fees of different banks is to compare them. But beyond the fees, it is also necessary to be able to compare the banking services offered or not in the offers of banks online and if necessary compare prices. This will then give you a clear idea of ​​what is being done and what is best for you to make an informed choice.

Comparing alone in front of your screen is not always easy and can quickly become a headache: take notes, browse the websites of different banks, find their pricing, etc. And if a tool could do that for you?

This is the case of the comparator of bank fees of the site which allows you to enter the important criteria for you (type of bank card, whether you travel or not, if you need an overdraft authorized, etc.). Thanks to 6 quick steps with questions about your banking habits, you benefit from a comparison of online banks to find the bank that best suits your needs.

Your choice is also according to your profile (young active, executive, retirees, …) and therefore thanks to your income but also to your desires, you must also know clearly what use you will open account in your online bank: daily use or secondary bank; domiciliation of your banking income or not, etc.

As a reminder: the domiciliation of your income corresponding to the fact of making pay your salary (for example) on a bank account rather than another.

Why online banks are cheaper?

Why online banks are cheaper?

An online bank is by definition a bank that does not need to have a physical network to interact with its customers (bank branches, counters, etc.), thus reducing its infrastructure and operating costs. This first benefit has a direct impact on the offers of an online bank (free means of payment, no account maintenance fees, …). It also generates great savings for the customer: € 117 saving on average each year. Indeed, a person with an account in an online bank will pay on average 17.37 € / year, against 134.82 € / year on average for a person with his account in a conventional bank.

The flexibility and ease of use of these banks is another undeniable advantage of online banking. Accessible on all media (smartphone, tablet, computer), everything is done so that the opening or management of his account are done in the easiest way possible. Thus you access your bank accounts 24/24 and 7/7 without having to worry about opening hours.

It should be added that most of these banks depend on large banking groups (Boursorama Banque = Societe Generale, Monabanq = Crédit Mutuel, Hello Bank = BNP Paribas, Fortuneo = Credit Mutuel Arkea …) and therefore benefit from their support and expertise.

Finally, a last point put forward is the promotional discounts reserved for new customers opening an account. These opening bonuses can go up to € 120 in most cases and the average offer is around € 80. This shows that online banks are in a strategy of acquiring customers and trying to capture a growing clientele, including young people.