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How and where to find student credit in Brazil? In the country of Tupiniquim, the facilities offered by federal and private programs are improving. If you dream of attending higher education, if you perform professionally and have a degree, but you do not have the money to pay for a college or university, do not despair. \ In Brazil, there are several options for student financing and loan to students of all profiles. The main modality is FIES, a program promoted by the Ministry of Education (MEC) in partnership with Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF). In order to access the benefits, you must apply after being enrolled in a private university registered with a positive evaluation of the MEC.

In this case, the student must present a guarantor as collateral and compete for student credit through a selective process. But it is worth it, since the funding can reach 100% of the value of the course. To complete, interest rates are fixed at up to 3.5% per year for undergraduate, pedagogic, higher and higher technological courses, and up to 6.5% for other courses. In relation to payments, partial or full amortization is allowed at any time during the contract.

Another option available to university students is the ProUni (University for All Program). Created by the Federal Government, it offers scholarships to university students who have studied high school in the public school system.


Credit programs for their students


Credit programs for their students


Scholarships for private universities may cover part of the tuition fees or the total. To enroll you must prove family income of a maximum of three minimum wages, in addition to having good results in the Enem (National Examination of High School).

It is worth remembering that the student still has to meet other criteria, such as not to fail in more than 25% of the courses taken, otherwise he will lose the benefit. To know more, visit:

Many universities also offer their own credit programs for their students. In this case, each institution sets its rules for selection and conditions, but usually rates are lower than those offered by banks.

The Ideal Invest Financial Credit Program is also known in the area. It is the first educational credit company in the country and has hundreds of partner universities. The contracts offered are semi-annual.

It is also necessary to have a clean name in the protection agencies (SPC and Serasa) and to prove a minimum income of twice the amount of the monthly fee. To find out more, visit:

Lastly, if you do not fit the requirements quoted above, you can count on private and financial banks that offer student credit or student loans, the downside being the higher interest rates.